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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


The Digitav software products give you the right tools for you to Search Engine Optimise (SEO) every web page and individual products or services right down to the deepest level. SEO begins when we write the first line of code for you! We make sure the page title features in the website address (URL) for that page and that you can enter page titles and keywords and search engine descriptions. This provides you with a website that is fully SEOd

Every website we develop has a Google account created which is unique to your site. Your Google account provides a whole range of valuable statistics that allow you to fully manage your website.

Main Search Engine Optimisation Features

  • Unique SEO options for each page, service or product that you add to your website
  • Statistics featuring keywords used to find your website
  • You have the capability to manage every facet of your web content and marketing plans
  • A unique system that is fully SEOd and accessible for all users
  • Increases your rankings in all the major search engines

Digitav will train you in the best ways of using Search Engine Optimisation on your website to gain higher rankings and improved business.